A Windmill's Story

By Mrs. Joyce Henderson

As the years would come and go, I was a proud Windmill standing somewhere in the state of Iowa. Day or night I was always doing my job. 

Water effects every form of life. People need water, Animals need water, and plants need water.

 Of course I need a little help, so God sent the wind at just the right time to blow on me and through me.  How close I was to the wind, for each day together we looked over the farmers field and oh what a sight to see.

Together we saw the cold Winter snow, the new planting in Spring , the growing of fields in Summer, and that beautiful Fall harvest. I'll have to admit sometimes my friend the Wind got a little rough on me, but I survived. 

The years were still coming and going, but somehow something was happening. The wind was the same , but I was the one changing. I begin to feel a little rusty and my sails were getting loose and floppy.

I knew the sad day would come when I would no longer be free blowing in the wind.

Windmills have hearts you know and I soon found out what life was like down on the Iowa soil, the soil I had looked over for years. Yes, Windmills have hearts and mine was broken.

Time keeps pasting and it was Christmas 2004, and somehow I begin to feel a little uplifted, because I had heard talk that a family down in Georgia was willing to travel almost a 1000 miles for some old rusty, bent- up Windmill like me. Now, that must be love for a Windmill.  That's all history now.

The Louden Family arrived and loved me at first sight and I loved them back, but I was still thinking "Where is that little farm down in Georgia?"  I soon found out and what a great place to be.

I had to go through a lot of sanding, drilling, cleaning, and painting.

All the friends and neighbors were stopping by to look me over.  Some folks thought I was hopeless, some knew beyond a doubt I was rise again.

So LOOK at ME now!  I'm standing tall looking like new again and I'm so happy to be back with my old friend the Wind.

I'll forever be grateful to the hands that took the time to restore me.

Thanks David, Mindy, Peyton for my new home and a job well done.


Your Windmill

 blowing in the wind just for you.