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When you call the Woodworks for a restoration project one of your primary questions and concerns will most likely be "so, how much is all this going to cost"?

If you are able to give me a brief description of the piece, what work you are wanting to have done, the approximate size and current condition of the piece - I should be able to get you in the VERY close ballpark of what the total costs should run. There are no taxes on services in the state of Georgia so all you will be paying for is labor.

I have been in this line of work long enough to have seen and worked on a enormous variety of furniture. I will most likely be familiar your piece and the costs involved in it's restoration.

It is extremely rare that my unseen estimate will not be with $25.00 of the total price of the piece's restoration. It is very important to me to be as through as I can be with my work and pricing is a very important aspect of it. I try very hard to be as up front and consistent with pricing as I can be - no surprises.

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