What You Can Expect 



Here is what you can expect when you call the Woodworks for a restoration project:


After a basic description of the piece(s), I will be able to give you a very close estimate of what the total costs of restoring that piece will be. It is extremely rare that it would exceed that unseen estimate.

If you decide to have the work done, we then can then set up a time for you to either bring the piece into the shop or have it picked up. There is no charge for pick up and delivery for larger items. That being said, it may be a few weeks before I can get to the work.  I prefer, and the customer usually does as well, to wait until I am able to do the work before I actually pick up the piece. This works well for me because I don't have to work around the piece during that time and you will be without your furniture for the shortest amount of time possible. It will be pick up, worked on and brought back to you usually within a week.

 At the time of pick up or drop off, I will give you an exact total of what the work will cost - there is no tax on services in Georgia, so this simplifies things. I will then explain to you in as much detail as you wish, exactly what I will do to the furniture and what you can expect. I will also explain to you, just as thoroughly, what not to expect - there are always limitations.

 I do not take any deposits on restorations. Payment is expected only after the work is done and you are pleased with the end result. I will be very grateful to you for trusting me with your furniture and in this way you can trust that I am serious about doing a quality, professional job that you will be pleased with. Please let me know if I can help  -- David L.Louden


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