The Windmill


We're not quite sure why but for some reason David has always been fascinated by windmills. Over the years that fascination turned into an obsession - which of course  turned into a full-size vintage windmill in our back yard!

It is a 8 ft. dia. 706 Aermotor from the late 1920's mounted on a 30 ft Aermotor tripod tower.


After several years of looking for the right one, we finally found a great deal on a windmill in Chelsea, Iowa, so on Dec. 29, 2004 we headed for Iowa.

We made it back on Jan. 1, 2005 with a trailer full on junk. What a project! The tail section alone had over 80 bullet holes in it.



 The restoration took almost 5 months to complete but on May 22, 2005, it was ready to erect.

With a little help from some friends (and a crane), it went up without a hitch.

The view from the top of the windmill

Our dear friend, Joyce Henderson, wrote a short story about our windmill and our journey to get it.

Click here to read it





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